Forum Title: tearing off shingles on ice and watershield
y'all ever had to tear off shingles that were put on directly over ice and watershield? We have had a one job where the shingles were just stuck in the i&w that we couldn't get them off. I'm just wondering if there are certian types of i&w to aviod or if it was just the hot weather that caused that problem. Maybe they will come off in cold weather. I havn?t run accross it enough times to really know that it is a fact that the shingles won?t come off. I've got this new housing project job and the Arch has It'specd that we install shingles directly on the i&w (the whole roof). I'm planning on using ?Tarco? i&w because they are the cheapest ($32/roll). I've never used Tarco i&w either. We usually use Tamko stormguard but it was a good bit more and there is a lot of it. I would hate to be the feller that has to tear-off these shingles down the road. Would you bring this up to the Arch or just let it go and put the shingles on the way he says to put them on?
Category: Roofing Post By: SARA PRICE (Rocky Mount, NC), 02/14/2018

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