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Now roofing contractors have started to use little camera equipped quadcopter drones to speed up roof inspections and estimates. It‚s quicker and safer for the roofing crew. The aircraft is powered by four helicopter blades and controlled remotely by a person on the ground. A high-res camera attached to the bottom of the drone records video of the roof, making it easy for roofers to inspect for damage, such as missing shingles, hail damage, water ponding or broken tiles. This can cut the work time of a six hour job down to an hour. The cost of a drone runs about $300 to $500, or higher for top-of-the-line models. The camera costs an additional $300 or so.
Category: Roofing Post By: SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 01/05/2018

It was only a matter of time before roofers started using drones. It makes a lot of sense to use it, it saves a lot of time going up and down ladders. Not to mention it's safer and doesn't require the same amount of manpower that it would take to do it without a drone.

- LEWIS DOUGLAS (Mission, TX), 03/10/2018

I think this is a great idea that should be used more. As long as the person flying the drone knows what they're doing there shouldn't be any problems. This can save a company a lot of time, money and manpower.

- MARION SINGH (North Little Rock, AR), 03/28/2018

I‚d like to be a drone operator doing something like this. It would be such an interesting job. I wouldn‚t mind working six days a week doing that!

- ALLAN JOSEPH (Durham, NC), 05/17/2018

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