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Those who have read my comments here on RCS over the years will notice a trend of increased moaning and complaining about the weather around Aug-Oct. Its the end part of our Winter, we get plenty of rain, its what makes our country so big in the dairy and sheep industry, green grass = milk, lambs wool, meat etc. I suppose we should be thankful we Don't get the snow and ice ( except way down south, and not many people live down there), if we did then Roofing would truly be a seasonal job. I have always worked through and kept the company open for business, regardless of how bad the weather was, there was always some basement tanking work, and often during the Winter tail end there were some periods of Fine weather of a full week or even 2 weeks with no rain where we could do a decent sized project. This year has been a write off, basically from August till now I'might as well have shut the doors and gone off to a warm Pacific Island for 3 months. I'm basically down to being able to work 1 day a week for the last 3 weeks. Its partly because either nothing is ready ( waiting for builders, who are having their own issues with the weather) or its just too wet to do any work. I previously had a mantra ?I Don't work Friday?s?. This was because we always had work booked ahead and I could do a weeks work in 4 days, plus the hassle of getting home on a Friday afternoon, because we live on the route people take to leave town for the weekend, and hour drive home on a Friday afternoon Can'take 2-3 hours some times. The traffic jams start at 3pm. But, and this is why I brought this up, for the last 3 weeks anyway ?I only work Fridays!? :laugh: its just because That's the way the weather has been or the job has came ready. In fact today (Friday) I'm booked to START at 3pm in the city!!! The way It's worked out I have to wait until the builders do their thing with the roof framing build when the rain stops this morning, then go in and put a primer seal on the plywood, just so that over the weekend and 2 days into next week the rain won?t totally saturate the substrate and further delay the project. Tarps are useless on this one, we had 50km winds yesterday, and a heavy shower around lunch time. I Don't think we will bother staying open next Winter, unless we have a big project lined up prior. I've always wanted to open a Don't Shop, there are none here. I really miss the Dunkin Don't?s they had in Canada, I used to drop by and grab a few and a coffee on the way to work for breakfast :silly:
Category: Roofing Post By: Joe Smith (Jersey City, NJ), 02/23/2018

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