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Thought this deserved It's own post. How/why do we have the current workforce/labor pool, that is primarilly made up of Mex. illegals and nucklehead/ ?bubbas?? Or is it just fine, as it is? My 2 cents; When I started in the late 70?s, it was the lure of good $, healthy-outdoor activity, pride of a job well done, comaradary, aspirations of advancement. In a few years, I was making twice what my buddies were making after completing their college and going to work for big corps or the gov?t. Those of us in the construction sector also enjoyed other perks, such as work-time/days flexability, and the mere feeling of self-sustainability, rather than dependency on ?the corp.? or ?big bro?. It's completely flipped today?.Construction in the private sector pays didley, compared to what it did 20-30 years ago. Who else better to fill those positions than the most undesirable/rum-dumb bunch? Here's some facts that may startle you; I picked a small town/rural area where I began my construction career. 1980?.Private sector ?journeyman? roofer??$ 15.00/hr. Prevailing wage (gov?t)?????..$ 17.00/hr (+/- Can't remember exact) 2011?.Private sector?..$15 ? 17/hr Gov?t????..$44/hr Private sector wages have been destroyed due to illegal workforce willing to work for less. To reiterate; Who is going to work for 30 yr old wages?
Category: Roofing Post By: GENE NUNEZ (Peoria, IL), 03/05/2018

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