Forum Title: Do you trust the people you work with?
This is going to sound kind of crazy. A customer has accused someone from our crew of stealing a bunch of old junk. I guess they think one of us stole it to sell for scrap metal. I know I didn‚t and I‚m pretty sure no one else did either. I don‚t remember seeing any appliances being taken away. I don‚t doubt they were stolen by someone. I just don‚t think it was one of our guys. Do you trust the people you work with? I have to admit that there have been a few guys that seemed a little sketchy to me. Thankfully those guys are history and now I work with a great bunch of guys.
Category: Roofing Post By: JOANNE GARRETT (Plano, TX), 01/10/2018

Generally speaking, I do. There‚s a few bad apples in every business. Roofing is no different in that regard. My best friends have always been roofers and that‚s never going to change.

- ARTHUR C (Durham, NC), 03/15/2018

It doesn‚t matter what your profession is, there are some bad guys. It‚s just the way things are. There are crooks in every business out there. Sometimes I think the white collar guys are ten times worse then us working stiffs.

- SHELLY NEWTON (Yakima, WA), 03/23/2018

I suppose in the end you‚re right about that. I don‚t think they stole the appliances that were outside. I don‚t doubt someone probably stole them. But, I didn‚t see anyone drive away with a washer in the back of their truck. That‚s something I and the other guys would have noticed.

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Brooklyn Park, MN), 05/18/2018

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